Dr. James Pressley

Place of Employment : Boston Orthopedics

Specialties : Foot & Ankle, General Orthopedics

Surgeon in Search of His Own Practice

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Pressley has been working at a joint practice with five other surgeons since graduating from medical school ten years ago. Although he has successfully established a reputable personal brand on his own, he struggled to figure out how to independently expand on it further without taking time from his practice.

Before reaching out to Physician Financial Planning, Dr. Pressley believed he was at his financial and philanthropic peak. However, when we discussed advancing his financial portfolio and building upon his assets, he had no idea we would grow his brand as well. We immediately explored new charitable endeavors and liquidated expendable assets to establish a startup savings account. In addition, by organizing profitable financial stakes in Dr. Pressley’s name, we were able to make his reputation known within professional circles he may not have reached otherwise.

About John Pressley

Dr. James Pressley graduated at the top of his class at Harvard Medical in 2010 and accepted the opportunity to work there as a teaching surgeon and classroom instructor. After securing a partnership at his current practice, he opted to stay on-staff at Harvard as a recurring speaker and invited guest lecturer. Dr. Pressley also regularly uses his philanthropy fund (created in partnership with PFP) to donate to medical research efforts at Harvard and other institutions around the world.

Our Strategies

We helped Dr. Fillmore to organize and budget for investments that will supplement his already established retirement fund. Strategies to help him in his retirement include ongoing budget monitoring and management, investing in low-maintenance properties, and tax minimization. We’re also currently helping Dr. Fillmore to develop his legacy plan.

The Conclusion

Short - Term Goals

Long - Term Goals

Goal Results

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The team at Physician Financial Planning showed me that I was far from done in terms of achieving success; in fact, I had barely even started! They are single-handedly responsible for being the key to opening doors I never even knew existed.

Dr. Pressley