Dr. Maria Gonzalez

Place of Employment : Katy Pediatric Care

Specialties : Pediatric Medicine, Pediatric Allergy

Pediatrician Fresh Out of Med School

Upon entering her career in the medical field, pediatrician Dr. Maria Gonzalez struggled to find the balance between her financial habits and the burden of student loans. She had planned on leaving her emergency ward position in pursuit of a less chaotic atmosphere in private practice, but wasn’t sure where to start until a colleague encouraged her to seek financial counseling.

With the guidance of Physician Financial Planning, Dr. Gonzalez learned how to strategically invest in her stock market portfolio and establish an impressive savings account—without cutting into her budget or depriving herself of what she wants. With her finances in our hands, Dr. Gonzalez has been able to mitigate her financial stress and focus more on caring for her patients and searching for a practice to partner with.

About Maria Gonzalez

Dr. Maria Gonzalez is a pediatrician in the Greater Houston area. After graduating from Baylor, she began work in the emergency ward of Texas Children’s Hospital before moving on to a shared office private practice just outside of Katy, Texas. Gonzalez has been able to reach her current financial goals and is currently creating a new plan to cover long-term costs, including establishing her own practice within the next ten years.

Our Strategies

We developed an approach tailored to Dr. Gonzalez’s specific short- and long-term goals. In addition, we assisted in minimizing her taxes; managed a savings account added to her expanding portfolio; offered investment ideas and how to implement them; and balanced her saving and spending habits. Moreover, we have successfully diversified Dr. Gonzalez’s investments in fast-growing stocks, set up interest-accruing savings accounts, and created personalized spending plans.

The Conclusion

Short - Term Goals

Long - Term Goals

Goal Results

Note: The above case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual Physician Financial Planning client. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Physician Financial Planning is engaged to provide investment advisory services.

Physician Financial Planning really made me feel like they believed in my future and wanted the best for me as an individual. They’ve freed me of my own financial stress so I can keep my attention solely on establishing myself in the pediatrics community.

Dr. Gonzalez